Loro is the master brand that houses all of Orlando Marzo's flavour creations. Started in 2021 in Melbourne Australia. Being more than just a bottled cocktail company- Loro is a flavour experience company. Creating world class beverages that go beyond tradition- striving to always push the boundaries of how we experience and elevate flavour in and outside the bar.

Loro Journal

  1. Negroni Week Limited Release // Negroni Campari x Loro //

      HOT RELEASE CAMPARI and LORO have teamed up to bring you a Melbourne accented twist on the classic negroni recipe, exclusively for the 10th anni...
  2. Bar Paradox - Loro goes underground with Supernormal

    “It’s at this time of year that Melbourne is truly at its best and we want to celebrate that energy and give people the opportunity to relish in t...
  3. Milk, but make it clear - Panettone Milk Punch

    Panettone Milk Punch - Clear as glass, layered, elegant, mysterious, and packed with tradition.