• Olive Martini
  • Olive Martini

Olive Martini

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There are many ways to order your Martini. However you prefer it, Martini is always a symbol of sophistication, elegance and power. We present a crisp, fragrant flavour of olive underpinned by aromatic vermouth and lifted up by fresh juniper. A clean, refined Olive Martini. Made with cold-vacuum-distilled extra virgin olive oil, dry vermouth and gin. Class.

Store room temperature. Chill in the freezer an hour prior to serving. Pour over an olive into a chilled glass, spritz and discard a lemon peel.

Volume 200ml | standard drinks 3.8 | alc 24.5%

Volume 500ml | standard drinks 9.6 | alc 24.5%

Enjoy responsibly



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